Wednesday 4 April 2018

Book review: An Authentic Experience by Kelly Wittmann

✩✩✩✩ out of 5

Just finished reading An Authentic Experience by Kelly Wittmann and it's a good book, just needs less swearing considering that her readers will only be 13-15 years old!  I know that they prolly all know the words and use them frequently with friends but the adults in the readers lives won't appreciate all the f**k and b***dy and even a c**t close to the end!

If it wasn't for the swearing and the parents and grandparents all having 2 names each (3 for Silver's mum) then I wouldn't have a problem with giving it a full 5 stars, but the author needs to think about how she would feel about her own child sitting in front of the telly after tea one day and accidentally blurting out "what a f**king joke!" after reading it in this book.

A good little read, just needs less swearing and not so many name changes is all.  Keep up the writing, Kelly, just find other words to use instead of swearing so much is all!

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