Wednesday 18 April 2018

Book review: The Golden Fountain by Zuheb Alep

✰✰✰✰ out of 5

Just finished reading this and it was OK in parts but too young to be considered YA as the main character is only 12 so an 18 year old wouldn't want to read it, but some of the words are more YA than MG though so the author either needs to add several years onto the main character to make it truly suitable for YA readers or reconsider some of the words and phrases they've used so that MG readers don't get confuzzled and frustrated with not knowing what the words mean.

There are way too many characters too... the MC is OK, but there would ideally only be a few more, instead of the amount the author has used.

If you are an older MG reader who likes fantasy then give this book a read, but if you're looking for a YA read from this book then you'll be disappointed unless you can take yourself back to your childhood... sorry!

 Give it a read, just don't be surprised if you get frustrated by the MC being younger than you.

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