Thursday, 18 June 2020

Book Review: "Sally's Birthday Wish" by Ivette Corza

⭐⭐ out of 5

Well, before even opening the book I can already tell that it doesn't meet industry standards 'cos it's 7 pages too long, even for older picture books!  I'm already knocking off a star because of that, so we're at 4 stars before I've even opened it up!

The images are already letting the book down 'cos they are grainy and obviously copied and pasted from images that have been found online... I hope the author has gained permission to use them before publishing this book!

The author is using adult words in a picture book, that would confuse at best and upset at worst!  How many 5 year olds call their soft toys a "stuffed animal"?  That's another star knocked off.

Now the author has used Peter Pan and Wendy in her story... it's highly unlikely that she's gained permission to use those characters in her book!  That definitely calls for the removal of another star 'cos that's breaking an international law!

Just finished the book and there isn't a single word of speech in the entire thing!  There are a few places where it could easily have been speech and therefore more interesting to young listeners.  I'm guessing that the author didn't put her book through any edits, let alone a crit group.  It's hard being told these things so publically, but if a bit more time had gone into it then it might have had a higher star rating.

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