Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Book Review: "Science meet God: An Element is Born" by Tabitha Womack

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Just from looking at the cover, I'm seriously hoping this isn't a horror type book 'cos they give me nightmares for ages afterwards and I'm 42 instead of a teen❗❗

Oookaaaay❓  Why has it got a character page... surely I should be able to make up my own mind about the characters... why does each character's relationship need to be explained before we even get to the first page of the book❓  Are the relationships really so confuzzled from the outset❓  Why couldn't the author have used her world-building to incorporate them into the actual novel❓

The next page is a Lakota dictionary and we haven't even got to the first chapter yet❗❗

Now a Spanish dictionary too... 8 pages into a novella and I haven't even got to the first chapter yet❗

At last!  Chapter 1 and we can finally get going❗

It's good so far, but what is a punny❓  Is it American slang or has the author created a word because the novella is set in the future❓

There have been a few grammar errors that should have easily been picked up during editing and definitely before publication... things like a full stop being on a new line and then the next letter not being capitalised which I let slip through 'cos we're all human, but not closing the speechmarks should have been picked up a loooong time before publication❗

Not sure that I'd want a 13 year old reading swearing like there has been in chapter 1 and in the first paragraph of chapter 2 as well.

Another spelling mistake that should have been picked up in the first edit of the manuscript.

Another swear - not good at all❗

More grammar problems... this is really starting to spoil a potentially decent story now❗

Another chunk that could have done with better editing... this is starting to frustrate me now  😞

There's two lots of chapter 5... either this book wasn't edited at all or the author/editor just said they'd edited without even opening up the document.  There have been too many errors to receive the full 5 stars unfortunately, so we're currently down to four.

This is a really good book, but there are far too many basic errors throughout it - misplaced speechmarks now❗

Oh❗  The book finished just as it got going❗  That's pretty frustrating... if the author had kept writing, it could have been a fantastic novel for young adults as opposed to a good novella in need of editing❗

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