Tuesday 10 November 2020

Aand the first draft of my NaNo 2020 novel is...



It's been more upsetting and emotional than any of the previous years, but it's done and dusted now.


I've already celebrated with two J2O's and I'm gonna have my first solid lunch for 5 days when Steve gets back home.  


I'm gonna be in pieces for the rest of the day now 'cos I'll be letting my grief for Mitzi come out without hiding it.  I'm gonna write her biography for JanNo that I won't even attempt to get published, it'll just be for me and those I want to share it with to help to cope with my grief over losing her.  I'm determined to have a dedication to her at the start of this book if/when it's published though, 'cos she passed away when I was literally within a sentence of half way through writing it and I wanna do that to honour her life with us.

This one's for you, Mitzi❗

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