Sunday 4 July 2021

Had an idea for my NaNo novel, but...

...I need some help and/or book recommendations!  This is what I've just posted on my Facebook wall:


I've come up with an idea for my NaNo2021 novel but I'm in desperate need of help from my transgender friends! If you are prepared for me to dig into the depths of how you feel about you being born into the wrong body, could you email me at - feel free to use a fake name and throwaway email address if you want, I just wanna be sure that I'm getting the feelings and concerns and stuff right is all.
I've got a few ideas for plot points but I want to be able to really get into Jayden's head and make it a supportive book as opposed to something that'll make the transgender community feel worse.
If you don't feel able to help me then I would be soooo grateful if you could pass this message onto others who may be able to help me.
Thank you so so much!

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