Saturday 10 July 2021

Managed to plan out...

...6 chapters since I had my lunch and I'm really into Jayden's head now and I've decided to deliberately not put an age on the twins other than that they are still at Secondary School so that it's definitely a YA novel, but other than that I'm leaving ages up to the reader.


I've messaged Childline on Facebook to ask for their permission to use their trademark in the book 'cos it's a name that the majority of Brits recognise and it might help them to get donors to support them too, as well as helping the young people I'm gonna be writing it for.

I don't suppose there are any transgender teens reading this that would be happy to help me with my research are there?  If there are, please set up a throwaway email address with Google or Hotmail or Yahoo or your free email hoster of choice then email me at and remind me that I'm researching my NaNo novel and that you're happy for me to pick your brain about your gender identity.  


Could you let me know your preferred personal pronouns in every message so that I don't offend you by addressing you in a way that you don't feel a part of pretty please.

Thank you so much.

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