Wednesday 1 November 2023

I'm hoping for...

...another chapter before I head to bed, to make it 8 chapters today, which'll put me 3 chapters ahead of schedule, then if I manage to write 7 chapters tomorrow, I'll be a day ahead of myself, so I can relax on Sunday instead of getting stressed out about how many chapters behind I'm getting and/or worrying that I'll forget what has already happened in the story.  

I'm hoping that the delay won't take too long on Friday and it'll be over and done with in minutes rather than hours, so I'll still be on track for writing 5k and earning another big reward by the time I hit the sack on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll get a few chapters under my belt on Sunday although I doubt it'll be the full 5 to earn the reward, then another 7-8 on Monday and with any luck another 5 or 6 on Tuesday which will mean that I can relax a touch on Wednesday and hopefully produce at least another 5 and still be on track to finish around the 10th.

I refuse to get stressed out about how quickly I can finish it this year... there are lots of things happening which I have no control over so I'm just taking it as it comes and writing for enjoyment rather than speed.

It's got dark outside, so I'm gonna close the curtains then crack on with potentially my last chapter of the day.

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