Wednesday 1 November 2023

Not too bad at all!

I've managed to write 8,016 words since 4.43am including the time it took to get washed and dressed as well as make and consume two meals and multiple drinks, so I don't reckon I've done too badly today.  Now that I've got that dreaded first chapter out of the way, the words really are flowing.

I'm not gonna take any risks with writing another chapter and I've drunk my last drink a bit close to bedtime, so I bet I'll wake up at 3am desperate for a wee, which I'll take as bonus writing time again, as opposed to trying to get back to sleep.

I'm stopping writing for the day now though and stretching out all my sore muscles.

Until I see you all for another day of writing, it's goodnight from me and I'll see you all in the morning, I'm just not sure what time lol

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