Tuesday 20 June 2017

I've reached the half way point now

Just finished planning out scene 3 of chapter 27 of 55.

It's tough going thinking up so many ideas and for the first time ever I'm planning it scene by scene instead of chapter by chapter, so I've got to come up with even more ideas than usual.

Hopefully having everything planned out will make it easier to write and stop the dreaded writer's block I usually have with MG and YA novels, purely because they are so much longer than ECB's!

Couldn't have planned out so many chapters without the help of SCBWI though - especially today!

Need to come up with some more words that the bullies can call KT though!  I've got a few, but I'm not comfortable with using them so am on the lookout for some others for KT who is in the bottom set for every lesson except music... can you help me out pretty please?

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