Saturday 24 June 2017

Something I posted to SCBWI this morning

Question for the writers here and it's not a SpaG or pondering for a change.
The hubby is a computer programmer and I've just asked him about how easy or otherwise it'd be to create an app that takes the best bits from yWriter and Scrivener etc but taking out the bulkiness and complexity of Scrivener and using the simplicity of yWriter to come up with a programme aimed at children's writers.
He said it'd be easy enough to programme it, but it'd need a database of ideas and characters and scenes and stuff.
So, other than ideas, characters and scenes, what else do my fellow children's writers want in their ideal writers block beating planning and organising piece of software and do you want to be able to write the manuscript within the software or keep it separate like with yWriter?
How easy would you want it to be to add your own ideas to the database? Would you just want first name suggestions or surnames too? Would you want a different programme for each age range (PB, early reader, easy reader, early chapter book, MG, YA) or would you prefer to just have one piece of software and you choose the age you want the software to use?
Would you prefer it to be a free trial first (with limited usage available) then a small fee at the end as an upgrade to the full version if you decide to keep using it or a slightly more expensive full version right from the start?
Any thoughts welcome!

So come on, reply to this post and give me the information you want in the app... everything from idea generator to synopsis writer, character names to scene creation.  This is your chance to get involved in a totally new idea!

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