Sunday 4 June 2017

Two thirds of the way through now

The winners have literally just been annouced and I'm at 20,000 words right now, aiming for something between 30k and 35k words, but I'm on the home stretch now.

If I keep on at this pace I'll have finished it by the end of next week... not bad going for about 2 weeks!

I thought it would take about a month of writing 3 chapters a day, but I'm doing 4 chapters near enough every day and hit the half way mark after about 6 days which ain't bad going, considering I didn't plan any of it out other than the main character's names and the first names of the 4 runners up, along with literally a couple of sentences about the whole novel.

I usually have a paragraph planned out for each chapter so it's a huge deal that I've been able to hit the two thirds of the way through with pretty much no planning at all!

Yay me!

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