Wednesday 14 November 2018

Four down, last one left to write now

Just put the final full stop into chapter 49 so I've only got 1,500 words to write tonight and I'll have finished 75,000 words in exactly two weeks.

It's been a real struggle at times but I'm gonna miss typing out 6,000 words a day and, assuming that I finish the last chapter in the next 3 and a bit hours, I'll have written 7,500 words today alone, which is incredible going even for me!

Gonna be so proud of myself when I see 74,999 tick over to 75,000 and realise that I've done that in exactly two weeks, then I'll spend all day every day for the rest of November on an edit-athon now that I know how manuscripts should be formatted!

Get the J2O on ice... I'm gonna need it in about 3 hours from now!  lol


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