Thursday 8 November 2018

Three down, one to go

After a slow and very late start, I've just finished me third chapter of the day so I've just got one more to write before I can have another J2O and celebrate.

Hopefully that'll be by about 8pm then I'll head to bed, but because I'll have taken my prescription before 6pm, I'll have another early morning tomorrow and it's looking good to be finished a day sooner than I was thinking too 'cos I'm currently at 43,500 words, plus another 1,500 words from the fourth chapter takes us up to 45,000 words so it's only 5,000 words to write tomorrow then which is just over 3 chapters so I'll be comfortably finished NaNo if I write the final 4 chapters tomorrow after only 9 days then I've got the other 25k words to write to finish the MS which means that, in theory at least, I'll have written 75k words in a fortnight!

Considering I didn't complete my very first NaNo because of writer's block, I can comfortably complete triple that in the same amount of time and still have time to get back into my normal headspace before the end of November!

I hope that, if you're taking part in NaNo this year, you're coping OK with it too... keep on keeping on and doing your best to finish it.  You can do it... I'll be here with you every step of the way!

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