Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Book Review: "A Tale of Tyrannosauruses and sixty five million years later" by Carl Cupper

⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

First thing to strike me about this book is that the title is waaaaay to long... it would have been a lot better to just finish the title after the Tyrannosauruses bit!

OK, so I'm 6 pages in and already the author has used words that a child wouldn't understand and measurements that would confuse them because they aren't metric... I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt to start off with though.

Still using feet and tons as well as a tiny amount of speech, so that's one star gone after only 18 pages.

AFAIK being a cold blooded mammal doesn't automatically mean you sleep during the day... I think what the author meant here was nocturnal animals rather than "cold blooded animas" (author's typo, not mine lol).

There's the use of poorly chosen words again - a newly confident reader wouldn't know what "appease the mischievious impulses of his brothers using reason as a resource" meant and may well give up, close the book and never pick it up again, even though we are less than a quarter of the way through it so far!

And now a biology lesson!  We've got "olfactory lobes" as well as "femur" and "tibia" - I'm 42 and even at that age, don't know where they all are without a biology text book in front of me!  That's another star off!

Now the author is adding yards to the feet and miles too!  It wouldn't be so bad if it was just occasionally but it seems to be at every opportunity!

There are also no chapters which'll be a nightmare when I head to bed tonight!  There isn't even very much speech to break it up - the dinosaurs really can speak in this story because they do, very occasionally, there just isn't very much of it at all.

Ah-ha!  A conversation with real speech!  Well over half way through, but it should have been like that from the start!

I'm confused by this earthquake... at first I thought it was a naturally caused earthquake, then a couple of paragraphs later I corrected myself that it was a huge dinosaur herd then a few paragraphs after that we're back to the natural earthquake again!  If it confuses a 42 year old then it's going to be even worse for the child reading it!

Now mountains are growing like magic out of the ground in minutes!  I realise it's fiction, but even so, there are things that can't be changed so that it's not as unbelievable!  Apparently seconds later the ground splits apart and swallows several dinosaurs then it's all over a few minutes later.  Minutes after that we've got a river now!

I wish I could have given a more positive review of this book, but I just can't unfortunately  😞

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