Monday, 27 June 2022


⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Before I get started with this review properly, I'm gonna start it in the same way as all of my other recent book reviews: every book I read and review, starts of in the same way - with the full 5 stars stuck firmly in place and I'm always hopeful that they will still all be sitting there proudly when I close the back cover.

Let's get started.

I have fond memories of making my own bed as a child, in the days before quilts were the go-to bedding that most people used and nobody could ever pull the bottom sheet tight enough so they quickly gave up and left it to me lol  I've got 3 nephews now though and if this book is good enough, I'll recommend it to the parents of my eldest nephew to try and encourage him to make his own bed too.

This book was obviously written for the American audience 'cos of the use of "mom" instead of "mum" which could confuse such young listeners and makes it harder work for the parent or carer reading the book, with having to instantly change it back to British English every time it appears which could get very frustrating, very quickly.  I'm not knocking off a star for that, but it's not a solid 5 stars any more, just one more slip up will mean it plops off though.

There's no way that a picture book reader/listener would understand what the word "confident" meant, so we are now at a 4 star book, which is still good but could be better.

Oh boy, now we've got "successfully completed too - it's good that this book is out there, but the language choices and amount of pages aren't suitable for the UK market (there are 39 pages and the maximum for a UK picture book is 32) so the fourth star is looking really wobbly too unfortunately.  I won't be recommending this book for my nephew otherwise the language alone will confuse him too much.

The character name is too complicated for such a young audience, so we're finishing the book on 3 stars unfortunately.

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