Saturday 10 December 2022

As long as...

...I can keep knocking out 4 chapters a day, I'll be finished in time for my 20th December cut-off date.  As of now I'm 10% of the way through and I had a late start this morning, thanks to indecision on my part, so as long as I can knock that on the head I'll be able to get it done and dusted in time.

I'm proud of everything I've achieved so far in 2022 - I've written 2 novels, started writing a third and I've edited over 100 other manuscripts, as well as entering a competition that I stand a decentish chance of being taken seriously for, rather than tutted at and ignored.  I've got my query email in better shape and I know which manuscripts I'm gonna feel most confident about querying.  I'm gonna spend more time reading rather than just using rejections to move further down the conveyer belt.

2023 is gonna be my year.

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