Wednesday 28 June 2023

I'm definitely...

...doing my first ever Camp NaNo in July.

I wanna get the sequel finished so that I can focus on NaNo23 and JanNo24 which are both already planned out and waiting to be written.

The sequel will only be around 25k words and I've only got one J2O left, so I'm gonna try getting through camp with just chocolate as my reward until I put in the final full stop then I can have the last J2O as a reward.

Life is starting to settle down now so I wanna get back into writing again and I'm gonna try to keep the J2O's just for longer projects like NaNo and JanNo... like with everything else, this is a purely experimental year for me so it might or might not work out, but I wanna make the most of my creativity now that I've got the time and space and freedom to do it in.

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