Friday 30 June 2023

I've decided... really push the boat out with trying new things on the NaNo Camp thing.

Not only will it be my first ever camp, it'll also be the first time I've set my own goal with writing for the month (25k 'cos my Camp MS is for lower MG) but I've also only got 1 J2O left and loooooadsa cartons of chocolate in the fridge, soo I'm gonna allow myself to have one treat-sized bar of chocolate for every completed chapter in a day and have the J2O as my big reward when I've completed the Camp MS.

I'm also not gonna focus solely on the MS at the expense of everything else.  I'm not gonna aim to write any more than I can cope with in a day (although I hope it's more than a couple of chapters at a time lol) and I'm gonna eat and get washed and carry on with my life as it is now, I just won't be spending so long eating and drinking because I'm bored/lonely.  It's gonna be the main focus of my day but not the *only* one like it has been since my second attempt at NaNo.

I'm gonna use July as my experimental month to see if I can get away from relying so heavily on the J2O's for NaNo and JanNo.

Writing or editing is gonna fill my day as opposed to boredom, loneliness, shopping and chocolate.

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