Monday 8 January 2024

2 down, 3 to go

Not too bad for a morning's writing... 2 chapters written in about 4 hours, including the time I was with my carer and the ssllooww start to the first chapter.

I'm gonna have my single chapter choccie reward then get cracking on the third chapter of the morning.  If I keep cracking on like this I'll hopefully have made a start on the fourth chapter by lunchtime and the last chapter of the day finished by mid-afternoon then I can stop writing until tomorrow when I'll hopefully finish the entire manuscript and be able to indulge in the rest of the tub of chocolates, and the rest of the J2O's and be finished in under 10 days without putting any kind of halt on my life, like I have for the previous years.  I just hope I don't start crying when I put the final full stop of the story into the manuscript tomorrow otherwise I'll potentially have to answer the door to my groceries with a tear-stained face which would be soo embarrassing lol

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