Monday 1 January 2024

What a start to JanNo!

T'was a very slow start to JanNo this morning... it took me 3 hours to write a single chapter but I've managed to knock out 6 chapters today so I'm well on track for finishing in plenty of time.

I've got my groceries due tomorrow, but as long as I can knock out at least 5 chapters a day, I'm happy with that.

I've got a 'site visit' at 9am on Wednesday too, so I'll be happy with another 5 chapters that day, then Thursday to Saturday are free so I'll hopefully be able to crack out 6 or even 7 chapters a day, Sunday I'm out of the house for a while but I'm hoping to get a chapter in before I leave and hopefully another 2 or 3 when I get home then Monday onwards is the bathroom refitting for 'up to 2 weeks' so I'll get as many chapters as I can under my belt while that's happening but if I don't make it to 5 a day then that's totally OK - I've got 30 days to crack out 44k which sounds like a lot, but now that I've got things started, it should hopefully be pretty smooth sailing until I get to the last couple of chapters which are my other sticky points.

I'm gonna do it... there's just more going on than usual this year but that's OK, I'm gonna aim to achieve it but not give myself a hard time if I don't manage it.

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