Tuesday 2 January 2024

6 down now and...

...I'm cautiously hopeful that I'll manage 7 or even 8 chapters before I hit the sack tonight.  

I've managed a smidgen over 12k in two days, so I'm pretty impressed with that and if I keep on at this rate, I'll have finished it by Tuesday morning.  I'm not getting too hopeful though 'cos there's some home improvements starting on Monday and I've got someone coming out to take measurements tomorrow morning, and my groceries could turn up at any time now, so I'm playing it by ear until either the home improvements are finished or I've finished the novel, whichever comes first.

If I can finish JanNo as well as getting everything else sorted, I'll be particularly proud of myself 'cos I won't have put my life totally on hold so that I can write and the pretty major improvements are gonna impact my writing too, but I'm doing it for enjoyment purposes rather than speed now and I've just gotta remember that.

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