Wednesday 16 January 2019

First chapter of JanNo (re)written now!

I wrote two paragraphs for JanNo on 1st or 2nd January and was totally overcome with writers block.

I've totally got rid of those two very telling paragraphs and just finished chapter 1 in only a couple of hours, so I'm hoping to write at least one more chapter before I head to bed and I'm hoping for at least four chapters a day for the next 10 days so that I can still get it finished for JanNo.

I can't thank SCBWI enough for their gentle truths about those first two chapters and inspiration to start again but getting straight into the fighting without boring world-building telling to start with.

Just need to work out which is the right way to format a manuscript.  I know which I prefer and which looks better to me, but I want all my manuscripts to be industry standard not just my preference.  Not going to worry about that until I've finished JanNo though!

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