Friday 18 January 2019

Third chapter of the day sorted

Third chapter written and by the time I've finished the fourth chapter of the day today, I'll already be a quarter of the way through the entire manuscript in 2.5 days, which means I'll be half way through after 6 days and finished after only 12 days!

Written 9,000 words in less than 3 days which is so totally awesome right now.  It'll be at least 10,000 words by bed time and I'll be having my second J2O in 3 days 'cos chapter 10 is my fourth chapter of the day and it's only just gone 4pm, which means it took just under 2 hours to write chapter 9, so I'll be finished writing the fourth chapter by about 6pm and hopefully squeeze a fifth chapter out today too, instead of just sitting around waiting for my prescription to kick in.  Not going to pressure myself to write any more than chapter 10 by bedtime though.  If I squeeze in the fifth chapter then I'm only one chapter away from my target of writing four chapters a day (even though I only wrote two chapters on that first day - confused yet?  lol)

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