Sunday 6 January 2019

Just been rejected after 5 months

Got rejected by March Hamilton last night after waiting for 5 months and it was because of the volume of submissions they'd received rather than anything wrong with the manuscript.

The rejection came at 9.59Pm last night though, so working late at night, on a Saturday and saying to resub to them in future really backs that up.

Feeling really low about it, so gonna spend the day crying my eyes out and eating all the chocolate in the house then sub to someone else.

I'm getting so close to being taken on now though after waiting months rather than weeks for the rejection and them replying late at night on a weekend rather than 9-5 on a Monday-Friday!

Ho hum!

Still waiting on 2 agents that I subbed to in September and October 2018 that I haven't heard back from yet and I'm gonna sub to another agent and 3 publishers now. 

I will be taken on this year!

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