Friday 18 January 2019

I should be celebrating with my J2O atm, but...

Just put the final full stop in today's 4th chapter, so should, technically, be celebrating with a J2O.  However Steve's putting the kettle on and making me another mug of tea so I'm gonna pop my prescription, write todays 5th chapter which'll take me up to about 8pm then I'll have the celebratory J2O then instead of now.

If I write 5 chapters tomorrow too then I'll have written 16 chapters in 16k words in only 4 days and I'll be a day (aka 4 chapters) away from being half way through the entire manuscript in less than a week!  How totally awesome is that!

Assuming I do the 5 chapters today and tomorrow, the entire manuscript will be finished a week from today which is so totally awesome and I'll definitely deserve that second can of J2O!

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