Friday 28 May 2021

Book Review: "A Double Detectives Medical Mystery: The Cure for a Crime" by Roopa Farooki

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Like with every book I read and review, this book is starting off with the full 5 stars. It was recommended to me and the summary sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm going to open this book feeling hopeful that it'll help me in the way I need. 


Lets get on with reading it now lol 


The cover looks like the medical bods are holding guns and are ready to shoot rather than holding syringes ready to support which is certainly different! 


Chapter one - I've immediately found the title chucklesome... but should I have? Is it a humourous book or something more serious? We shall soon find out I hope! Oooh! I'm liking this author already... she's already got me into her main character's lives, but I'm wondering how old they are... I'm guessing at upper primary school kinda age, but having a heavy back-pack and leaving the house alone is more kinda lower secondary school to me... maybe "Nan-Nan" lives in the same road as them or something 'cos she walks them home from school through the park? 


I hope the author has permission to use a big brand names like "Mars" and "Rice Krispies" and "Pringles" or she could get into hot water... it's not enough to knock a star off or anything, but it's something that should have been raised before it was published is all. 


Oh dear, now the author is using more big brand names like "Minecraft" and Xbox" which, while modern children will understand and appreciate, will quickly date the book in a few years as well as potentially getting the author into legal hot water, so unfortunately that's the first star gone 😔


Oooh! I knew about the A-B-C, but didn't realise there was a D-E-F-G too! I love it when I learn new things through fiction, so at 8% of the way through the book, I'm already grateful to the author! 


Just finished reading chapter two and I'm loving this book... if it hadn't been for all those big brand names in the first chapter it would still have been a solid 5 stars. I'm loving Nan-Nan knowing her grandchildren so well too and that disabled spot argument was perfect! I'll have to keep that kinda thing locked away ready for when I use my blue badge and someone without one is parked in a disabled spot! 


Ah-ha! Chapter three has just told me that they're in year 6, so they would be 10 or 11 years old, depending on when their birthday is and if they've already had it. 


The author has used "Google" now, so I'm guessing this was a self-published book who hadn't been through professional editing and checkering before it was finally published. There's nowt wrong with it being self-published, but the author is leaving herself wide open to legal trouble by using all these big names potentially without permission is all. 


Chapter six was reeeeeally unexpected and I wish we had room in our likkle 'ouse for something similar lol I'm alread quarter of the way through and those four stars are still sitting firmly in place. Can't wait to keep reading after lunch! 


Lunch was 4 hours ago and I'm now 63% of the way through - this is a definite must-read book! 


I've got a barely tepid half-finished mug of tea on my table and it takes something incredible to make that happen, so that, as much as anything, is proof of just how good the chapters have gotten. If literally the first couple of chapters had been taken out during editing, this would definitely have been a solid 5 stars... coming up with new brand names would have got the author out of potential hot water and this would have been a true five-star book 'cos I'm loving these later chapters and I'm totally lost in the story! 


It was fantastic until the author used a medical term that she obviously hasn't got a clue about and I have 'cos I've had it for over two decades... I hate when authors use it as an offensive term without a second thought. Instead of being a solid four stars now, it's getting wobbly and if there are any more mistakes like that it'll come off after so many truly incredible chapters. 


Just finished it and overall it was a truly fantastic book, but all the big brand names and the medical condition that she obviously has no knowlege, let alone experience of was a huge let-down for me. If she'd made up brands for her story and chosen just one different word in the last chapter, this would have been a full five stars, but it's a four star story that I would definitely recommend for newly confident readers

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