Monday, 17 May 2021

Just updated the writing software...

...for my members only - if you wanna have a see what it's like before you buy it, then a free trial is available to non-members, a full version that isn't updated is available in the shop but the members who buy the software get free updates to it for the entirity of their membership.


To save you a bit of cash, I recommend that you download the trial version first to see what you think to it and if it has the potential to help you with your writing, then sign up to become a member then when you've been approved there's a members only shop where you can get things for cheaper and it comes with updates to the software throughout your membership and you will have access to a members only email address to contact me on.

My current members had the opportunity to grab a copy of my latest book before my non-members too.

Prices won't go down, so now would be a good opportunity to take advantage before I increase them!

Thank you for your continued support, Amanda really appreciates it.

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