Wednesday 2 June 2021

Feeling pretty proud of myself after this morning

I had the choice of three things to do this morning:  writing, editing or studying.


I eventually chose editing.


While my weekly virus scan has been chugging along, I've managed to edit two ECBs and I'm hopefully gonna edit the lower MG novel that I wrote during April too, so I've achieved a pretty decent amoutn this morning.  Just waiting for the weekly backups to finish and I'll hopefully be able to edit the lower MG MS this afternoon.


It was tough trying to summon up the motivation this morning, but now that I've got started, I wanna keep going!


Might try and do some research into twins who don't live in each other's pockets while I'm waiting, in preparation for my next MS, but dunno for sure yet... wanna see how quickly the back-ups move before I decide for sure.  It says there's about 50 minutes to go, so I think I *will* start the research after all.


Wish me luck!


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