Tuesday 22 June 2021

Just in theory...

...the application form is sorted now too.  Amanda is still waiting for her tech support bod to come up with a message to take the information straight from the form you (as the potential new member) fill in to the database and then to her so that she can officially welcome you into the madhouse of stories for children.  Right now you need to fill in the form, pay up, then email her to let her know you've applied so that she can check PayPal and jump through all the admin hoops to get you added as the newest member.


I've got a free day tomorrow, but I'm at the hospital on Thursday morning, but that's it then until Monday when the groceries are due again, so if you're pondering on it, now would be a good time to sign up so that you can be sure you'll get in before the rush starts!


Are you going to be Amanda's next member??


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