Saturday 2 October 2021

2022 is gonna be... year.  


I'm not gonna sub to any agents or publishers (unless there's an open submission window for a short period of time), but I'm gonna read and edit and read and edit and read and edit some more.  My MSs will be in a much better shape by this time next year and I'll get myself an agent in 2023.

I'll write during NaNo21 and JanNo22 but the rest of the year will be full of edits of my entire collection of MSs.  I'm pondering on investing in Kindle Unlimited so that I can load my Kindle up with books upon books upon books next year.

I realise now that I haven't read anywhere near as much as I should have done and I've just written without reading very much.  As of now, that's gonna change.


There will hopefully be considerably more book reviews starting in February 2022 so be prepared to read loads of them lol  I'm gonna focus on one MS at a time, so there is likely to be a theme running through several books at a time.


If you've got any recommendations for YA books that have been published either this year or last year, about bullying, illness/disability, hospitals and friendship to start me off with, that'd be absolutely fantastic.  Thank you so so much.


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