Sunday, 31 October 2021

Tomorrow is...

...the start of NaNo so there won't be any news until that's over and done with for another year but I'll try and stop by as often as I can with word count updates and stuff, but they will all prolly be very short posts and I very much doubt that they will be daily.

Is anyone else taking part in this years NaNo please?  If you are, then I wish you lotsa luck to hit the target by the end of November in your time zone.  I'm hoping to type the last word on the 10th, celebrate with 2 J2O's then jump in the bath in preparation for my Covid jab on the 11th.  If it's too late by the time I finish NaNo then I'll jump in the bath very first thing then have a couple of slices of bread in preparation for the jab at about 10.30am so that my belly isn't completely empty like it was the first time.

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