Monday 3 January 2022

After only...

...three days of JanNo, I'm now at the half way point of the manuscript after yesterdays writeathon where I managed to write a huuuuge 10 chapters.  I've written 8 today, so I'm on track for finishing on the 7th as long as I keep writing at least 7 chapters a day.

My MC has just gone to see there GP so we're approaching the mid-point, with all the action and I'm determined to try and avoid a happily-ever-after for this one, just to challenge myself to see what happens.  The ending might change when I edit it, but I'm hoping the first draft will end on a cliff-hanger with the reader finishing the story in whatever way they would prefer.  I just wanna take each day as it comes with this "vomit draft" writing though... I'm not even thinking past the next chapter at this point.


I'll need to request the help of the police and my GP after I've finished the first draft, so that I can make sure I've got my fiction right so that I don't get into trouble when it's published 'cos it'll be too late at that point!


Wish me luck for tomorrow please?!


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