Thursday 20 January 2022

Book Review: "Call Me Lion" by Camilla Chester

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I got this book for free via NetGalley as an ARC and if you have read any of my other recent reviews, you'll already know that every book starts off with the full five stars and I'm always hopeful that they are still stuck firmly in place by the time I close the back cover.

The cover is simple but effective which is a great relief considering how busy some other covers are!

Let's get reading.

Oooh!  From the first paragraph it seems like this is gonna be written in first person instead of the usual third which will hopefully make the book more interesting, but hopefully not confusing!

Wowsers!  I'm up to chapter 3 already and haven't stopped reading yet, let alone found anything to complain about lol

Reading Leo's letter in chapter 4, I can already tell that this book is gonna have me in tears at least once before the end!

So far this book has been a must-read for everyone, adults and children alike.

Oh dear... the first star is teeter-tottering at page 39 for copyright reasons - I'm seriously hoping that the author has prior written permission to use the song by a group that already exists, otherwise she and the publisher could get into serious legal hot water.

The author has used the American spelling of aeroplane too but I'm guessing that's because 8-12 year olds might struggle with the spelling/pronounciation with the British spelling.

Now theatre shows are being included as well as the well-known online video platform, so that first star is unfortunately coming off at page 41 - if it wasn't for that though, it'd still very much be a 5 star book.

Wowsers!  WTG Richa at the end of chapter 7... I want a friend like her too!

Just about to start chapter 11 and I honestly don't know where the last 3 chapters have gone to.  Gonna read one more chapter then go and grab some lunch I reckon.  This is a totally incredible book!

OMGosh!  That's a huge secret for Richa to have held, but I'm relieved that she's opened up to Leo about it.  I don't wanna stop reading yet, but my belly is rumbling, so I don't have a choice lol

It's page 145 and I'm in tears... just like I predicted at the start of this review.  Positive, relieved tears thankfully and wih another 10-ish pages to read, I'm predicting that there will be more to come too.

I'd just finished sobbing my heart out but the tears have reappeared with the last sentence of the entire book.

This is a definite must-read for everyone... just make sure you've got the tissues at the ready for the last few pages!

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