Thursday 23 August 2018

Blushing in people who are BAME

I've got a mixed race family in "Keep Out!" and the MC blushes red/crimson a couple of times. This next bit is going to sound sooo racist but that's exactly what I want to avoid so I can only apologise in advance.

When I first wrote it, I'd intended the family to be white and black and that's in the MS near the beginning. I want the family to be obviously black 'cos Jools, Logan and Zion are all bulied because of the colour of their skin, but can BAME people blush red/crimson IRL if they are mixed race? If not, how can I illustrate embarrassment in the MS in a show rather than tell way please?

Like I said, I don't want to be racist but at the same time I want to get my facts straight too!

It's a realistic MG novel so they can't blush green or anything like that! lol

Thank you!

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