Friday 31 August 2018

Day 7 of 30 - review time!

Act and Reflect:

I only started it yesterday morning so it's still too early to see how things are going, but I'm into the routine of mindblocking now... as long as my internet connection stays up (it's gone down again for some reason) lol

I haven't done the daily tick sheet or the rest day 'cos I've only been doing this for 30-odd hours, including me being asleep overnight lol

I can pat myself on the back for swallowing my fear and making my first post to Twitter about this blog and the site... within half an hour of that post I'd had 2 views which is awesome!

What have I enjoyed the most and least?  I've enjoyed being able to really get into the book and make a blog post about what I learnt with each day as I went through it.  I didn't enjoy swallowing the fear and making that blog post but I'm proud of myself for doing it and I've just got to keep on swallowing the fear and doing it anyway... I learnt from those first rejections and continued submitting which has forced me into growing a much thicker skin and increasing my belief in myself.

I haven't had any feedback yet, but those 2 readers after I made the Tweet really boosted my confidence!

I can so do this!

Adapt:  I need to make more Tweets about my site to build interest in what I'm putting out there and hopefully start getting paying members.  People are following me for a reason, after all!

When I get my internet connection back I'll come up with a contract with myself.  Every day I will set aside a few hours to do something creative - either work on this blog or my site or even write another chapter.  I'm going to be a lot more creative and really work on what needs to be done... even if it's only for 20 minutes then that's more than I've been doing recently!

I'm hoping to spend the morning reading emails and stuff then as soon as it hits lunchtime I'm going to be creative for at least 20 minutes every day.

It's not the internet connection or even Blogger that is the problem, it's that I'm running the virus scan again.  Maybe I need to spend all of Friday being creative and not using the internet at all when the scan puts a stop to it?

Just rebooted, so I'm gonna post this then not use the internet until the virus scan has finished.  It's a pain in the bum but ho hum!

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