Friday 31 August 2018

Day 11 of 30 - playing to your inner genius

This is gonna be a tough day to complete 'cos I've gotta write down five of my natural strengths... bear with me and please don't think I'm being big-headed, it's a genuine task to do on Day 11 in the book!!

OK, lets see:

1)  I care about most things and people.  It takes a lot to get me to dislike someone or something but it does happen occasionally.  Take it as read that I will always see the good in everyone and everything until or unless they do something to make me realise I was wrong.

2)  I'm stubborn like you wouldn't believe.  I never give up on anything until the last tiny atom of belief has been squelched out of me.  I believe in you and your talents and will always do my best for you, no matter what.  Same with the things I do, no matter what, I put my all into everything and the simpleist thing like one person reading a new blog post or a retweet or comment or something that takes seconds to do, mean the world to me and makes me fight even harder.

3)  I'm passionate and will defend the people and things that I care about for as long as I possibly can. 

4)  I will support you to the best of my ability as long as you are willing to accept my no-nonsense, straight talking personality.  I'm not saying that we'll always agree, but I won't say what I don't genuinely believe at the time I say it.

5)  I'm incredibly nosey.  If you give me a hint at something, then I want to know everything.  At the same time though, everything you say will remain confidential until you and only you tell me I can blab about it.

Oh boy... another five things that I've got to write five things about each of... this is gonna be a loooooong post!

OK, so the first of the five new items I've got to list is five things I find easy.  OK, that seems easy enough.

1)  I find it easy to love people and want the best for that person right from the start.

2)  I find it easy to type... I'm a touch typist so I can pretty much keep up with typing up a conversation as it happens, which really helps when it comes to NaNo and JanNo 'cos I can type faster than a lot of creative people so while other people might struggle to write 2,000 on a totally free day I could easily more than double that.

3)  I find it easy to lose myself in a good book and will often find more positives than negatives in the books I read.  If I'm critting a book I try and offer suggestions on how to improve this, that or the other rather than saying that it stinks of poo.

4)  I find it easy to listen to people, it's just the remembering that I have issues with right now because of my brain damage and my advice isn't always what people want or need to hear, but I will always listen whenever anyone needs to talk.

5)  I find easy to look after our pup.  She's an old lady now, but those yawns and kisses and wagging tail and genuine love from her makes even the grossest jobs (clearing up her poo from walks or the back yard) make it all worthwhile!

Next up is 5 things that I could easily teach someone.

1)  I could teach someone the basics of using yWriter to plan out their next novel and because it's free it's so much the better too.

2)  I could teach someone how to read food labels so that they could work out what is healthiest, what is suitable for vegetarians and which is the biggest ingredient in the food.

3)  I could teach someone how to use a TENS machine to get rid of their pain.

4)  I could teach someoneone the basics of writing for children and what age group each different type of book is for.

5)  I could teach someone how to start and write a blog post just like I'm doing now.

Next up is 5 things I have a deep understanding of:

1)  Mental illness has been in my life since I was 10 years old.  First as SAD then as reactive depression then as psychotic depression.

2)  Physical disability has been in my life for the last 15 years.  I look 'normal' when I'm sitting down, but I can't easily stand up or move on my own.

3)  Chocolate - I'm a self-proclaimed chocaholic but that didn't start until my last year at secondary school!  Before that I craved the natural sweetness in fruit... honest!

4)  Children - I'm qualified to work with children aged 12 months to 7 years 11 months but my favourite age group to work with is definitely toddlers.

5)  Bullying has been a huge part of my life from the age of about 5 years old all the way through to modern-day life as an adult unfortunately.

The last one is any unusual skills or traits I've picked up.  Hmmm, let's see what I can think of.  I used to know Teeline shorthand and I'm an audio touch typist who loves children, philosophy, children's psychology, writing books for children and Take That!  How's that?  lol

Now I've got to write about my genius spots.  Children is definitely a huge genius spot for me, whether it's writing for them, caring for them or learning about them.  According to the book, I'm already giving myself an 'unfair advantage' with this blog, the site and writing manuscripts for them... I just need to be taken on now!

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