Friday 31 August 2018

Day 19 of 30 - getting traction

OK - your feedback about this blog and the Stories 4 Children site is needed.

Forget about what is already up there and what my future plans might be... this is all about you - what do *you* want to see most of all?  What's missing?  What's overdone that I'm just repeating needlessly and boringly?

I genuinely want to know what you think and how I can improve your visit and turn you into a repeat visitor and then into a member of the site.

I can't do this without you - I've been too selfish and got it totally wrong, from now on this is all for you but I don't know what you want!

I've got a Twitter account with the timeline thingy available but I don't have a Facebook page for the site yet... do you want me to work out how to create one?  If I do, should I put it on the visitors pages or the members area pages?

What about my LinkedIn page that I've barely looked at... want me to put that on the site too?  Which part of the site?

Please let me know what you want to read and experience... this blog and site is about you, my visitors and members!

Do any of you use ScheduleOnce?  If you do, would it be worth me signing up for an account with them and marking out half hour intervals for you to talk me through your ideas once a month or anything like that?

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