Monday 20 August 2018

Currently updating my...

Thanks to SCBWI overnight and this morning, I realised I hadn't updated my author's CV since December 2016 so I've been working on that this morning and realising just how much authory type experience I've got and how much doing the free courses really have helped to improve it!

If you're looking for an agent, like me, then I definitely recommend getting to work on your author's CV (not your "normal" CV, an additional one reserved purely for agents and publishers) just in case they spring the "show us yer writing CV then" when you get that full manuscript request... you can then go "no probs, it's attached" in reply to their email instead of rushing to put one together and not creating such a good impression after all. 

Better to be too prepared and not need it, than totally unprepared I reckon!  👍😀

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