Saturday 1 September 2018

Day 22 of 30 - Hustling

Another reason I haven't got any members yet - I haven't been under everyone's skin about what a great member's area there is and how much they will benefit from joining up and what I can do to help them... I've just created the content, waited and hoped!

 Not any more though!

As soon as the virus scan has finished and I've backed up my hard drive I'm gonna go out and *find* people who would benefit from being a member of the site - they don't even know that this blog and the stories site exist so how are they going to find me if I don't go looking for them?? As soon as I can I'm going to go looking for visitors, hopefully today but tomorrow morning at the very latest.

Oooh!  I'm gonna add a live chat window on the site too so that I can answer questions as they come up too!  Apparently there's a site you can go to that gives you code to put on your site and they do all the behind the scenes work for you!  It's a great way to set up an FAQ as well!

There's a list of things to do "today" that I'm gonna work through as soon as the virus scan has finished and I've backed everything up... I'm starting to feel really motivated and like I can really make a go of it now!

First on the list is to clear my diary for the next 8 days so that I can work on everything.  That's already done.

Second is to send loads of emails to encourage people to visit the site... need to find the email addresses first though!  lol

Next is to install the chat window - might have to get Steve (my in-house-geek) to help with that.

Then I need to reach out to an leader in the field - SCBWI is gonna be my expert with all things writing and Steve will be my expert for anything technical

Then reach out to people who can help to promote the site and blog - scary stuff!

Next up is interviewing someone who inspires me.. I'm thinking of separating it into authors, illustrators, editors, publishers and agents so that my visitors can read the interviews that interest them the most.  What questions do *you* want me to ask editors, publishers and agents... I'm already set for the questions for authors and illustrators but haven't had the guts to come up with any for business people - until now!

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