Saturday 1 September 2018

Day 24 of 30 - money, money, money!

I've already done 2 of the first 4 things this book is suggesting to make money - offering a downloadable product (the writing ideas software) and selling services to consumers (the membership to the site) lol.  I'd like to sell it to businesses (editors, publishers and agents) too, but I'm still in the starting blocks.  When I've finished the book I'm gonna start emailing and Tweeting and posting in guestbooks though!

Members of the site get unlimited access to me, but visitors only get what they pay for in the shop, so how would you, my visiting non-member, feel if I put a PayPal button on the site so that you could buy an hour of my time and in that hour I would do whatever you wanted (proof-reading, critting, reviewing etc) for the entire 60 minutes. 

I would close all the other programmes like my email and blogs and websites and devote that hour to you alone.  If you like what I do in that hour, you can pay for the full product in the shop. 

My members needs will always come first so it's worth becoming a member if you want me to provide multiple services because you will come above the visitors and you have unlimited (as long as you let me sleep lol) access to me for as long as you're a member!

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