Saturday 1 September 2018

Day 25 of 30 - Going viral

First step to going viral is to "Make it good".  That's what I always try to do, but what do you, my valued visitors, honestly think?  I honestly want to know so that I can improve it!  What's good?  Not so good?  Downright awful?  What could I do to encourage you to not only come back every day but to recommend this blog and the site to your friends?  What would encourage you to become a member?  Please let me know... it's all been what *I've* wanted to put on the site up to now, but since realising yesterday how selfish that was, I genuinely want to know what *you* want me to put on the blog and site!!

Second step is to "Make it relevant/useful" which is, again, what I'm trying to do, but I want feedback from you... what are you struggling to find online that I could offer you?

Step 3 is to "Make it clear".  Is this blog and the site simple and clear enough?  If not, why not and how can I improve it?  I'm just little ole me and I want to make it all as user-friendly as possible for you!

Step 4:  "Make it specific".  What were you expecting to find the first time you clicked onto the site and into the blog?  Has the content met that expectation?  Exceeded it?  What can I do to improve it for you?

Fifth step is to "Make it fresh".  What is missing from the site?  What information would improve it?  I'm genuinely after your opinions!

Sixth step is to "Make a statement".  Going just by what you've already seen and read, what do you honestly think the statement I'm trying to get across is?

Step 7:  "Make it timely".  What do you consider to be the hottest topics in children's and young adults stories right now?  Do you fancy writing a guest post about it for me to put on the site?  Please??  I want to get my visitors involved in the site so if something I've said has inspired you to become involved, get it written and send to me along with how you want me to credit you and I'll put it up on the site!

Step 8:  "Make it personal" - what do you want to know about me?  Where do you want me to put the information?  I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I honestly want to know your thoughts and opinions about how I can improve the site and blog!

Step 9:  "Make it quick to infect" - this is ideal for you illustrators out there... come up with something that encourages visitors to not only come to the site and blog, but encourages their interest in your talents too!

You retain full copyright of your image, just like the authors retain copyright of their flash fiction - you created it, I'm just borrowing it to help you to get what you want to achieve.

Tenth step is to "Make it easy and fun to share" - AFAIK I already have on both the blog and site, but if you've got other ideas just let me know!

If you are an illustrator and you want to help to spread the word, maybe come up with some small images I can use?  You will, of course, retain full copyright of your image, you're just helping me to share the site and hopefully increasing interest in your illustrations too!

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