Saturday 5 November 2022

8 down...

...just another 7 chapters to go then that's it for another year already.

There are really loud fireworks banging away outside so I won't be able to sleep yet, so I'm thinking that I'll write an extra couple of bonus chapters tonight so that I can get my secondary celebration (my primary is a second J2O) ordered in before it's too late for me to eat and drink it before I head to bed tomorrow.

I can read the letters on the finishing banner now... just gotta muster up the last few thousand words tomorrow then the champagne corks can pop as I type the final full stop and stumble over the finishing line.

Unless there is a huuuge problem in the next 20-ish hours like a fire or theft or I die or whatever, I can pretty confidently predict that I'll finish tomorrow and be able to eat for the first time in November.

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