Tuesday 1 November 2022

After the first...

...day of NaNo, I'm feeling OK at what I've achieved today.  I spent 3 hours first thing talking to Steve instead of writing and I've stopped an hour earlier than I was hoping to as well, so I've basically already lost 4 writing hours on the first day.

I managed to crank out 7,002 words by the time I finished writing for the day, which ain't too bad and if I can get those 4 hours in tomorrow that I missed today, I'll hopefully just about squeeze out 10k tomorrow and hopefully Thursday as well as Friday with any luck.  I'm over my hump (the first three chapters) now though, so hopefully it'll be a writeathon with no more interruptions now.

Gotta remember that Scott has just made his first friend in Ash, so that they don't appear in only one chapter then never get seen again.

Assuming I can keep cranking out 7k a day, I'll be finished on the 9th, which is pretty good going I reckon, considering it's supposed to last for 30 days lol

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