Saturday, 6 November 2021

8 down today, 3 to go tomorrow

I don't wanna make any cast iron guarantees, 'cos anything could happen in the mean time, but I'm on the final sprint of the marathon now 'cos I've only got 3 chapters left to write before I've totally finished the manuscript and NaNo for another year, in exactly a week.  If I'd written beyond the 5k for the first couple of days, I could potentially have finished it tonight, but I'm not too worried about that 'cos, assuming I do manage to write the final word tomorrow then I'll still be 3 days ahead of my plan, which I'm proud of, so I'm not gonna stress out about what I could have achieved in those early days if I'd kept writing.

I'm cautiously hopeful that Steve'll put the bread on to bake soon after I come downstairs, 'cos I reckon/hope I'll be finished by about 11am, then I'm gonna celebrate with two J2O's and try to work out what is real and what isn't again.

I hope that alcohol free champers is chilling nicely and you're ready to help me celebrate in a big way tomorrow?

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