Monday, 1 November 2021

An hour later than I'd hoped, but...

...I've had to bring the recycling boxes and rubbish bag in then make two lunches this morning, which I was promised wouldn't happen, but predictably did, so I've just opened my first J2O of NaNo and I'm hoping for at least another couple of chapters, ideally three, before I head to bed tonight 'cos our groceries are due tomorrow.  The same person that promised to do the rubbish, recycling and lunches has promised that he'll deal with tomorrow's groceries totally alone as well, which I won't believe until I see it.  If I can knock out the extra chapters this afternoon then it won't matter so much if he breaks yet another promise tomorrow.

I've got past one of the two hardest places for me to write in each manuscript (I never know how to start or end 'em, but I'm fine when I've got going), so it's full steam ahead now.

If you're doing NaNo too, how are you getting on so far?  What's your daily target?  Are you treating yourself to something when you hit each daily target so that you can keep yourself motivated or are you just writing as much as possible each day?

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