Tuesday, 2 November 2021

That's today's 5 chapters written and...

...if I can write another two before I head to bed then I'll be on track for finishing on the 9th instead of the 10th if I carry on writing 5 chapters a day, but my new aim is to write at least 15 (ideally 16) chapters every 2 days so that I can finish on Sunday (the 7th) and be able to slowly come back to reality in time for my jab instead of rushing around right before and getting into even more of a tizzy than I usually do.  It also means that I can have a long, hopefully hot, relaxing bubble bath on the Monday and even be able to get things for me with the groceries on the Tuesday.

I've downed my J2O so I'm gonna crack on with today's final two (or hopefully three) chapters before I head to bed again.

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

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