Thursday, 4 November 2021

That's 16k words written in 2 days, sooo...

...if I write 8,000 words a day tomorrow and Saturday, I'll only have 3,000 words left to write on Sunday, which I'll hopefully achieve by around lunchtime then I can take my time coming back out of the characters heads and back into my own, ready for hopefully having the home-baked bread for lunch, then my first breakfast in two weeks on the Monday, fingers crossed home-made lunches (as opposed to either instant soup or nothing at all) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and a hopefully hot bubble bath on the Wednesday ready for my Covid booster on the Thursday potentially making me ill for the following 10 days with the side effects I've had from it the first two times.

I'm right on track for finishing at the weekend though, which is 3 days sooner than I had planned, which is fine and dandy by me!  I've just passed the 15 mile marker on my twice yearly marathon and I'm not too exhausted yet, so might even be able to risk sprinting to the finish line instead of crawling over it like my first couple of years of doing it!

I'm approaching the final corner, leading to the finishing straight now... the finishing line is almost visible and it looks sooo good!

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