Friday, 5 November 2021

Finished writing for the night again now

Just got exactly 11,000 words left to write and that's NaNo finished for another year.


Planning on 8k tomorrow and 3k before lunchtime on Sunday then have a double J2O and hopefully a still hot, home-made loaf of bread to devour for a celebratory lunch.  


I'm hoping that I'll have 6 solid meals in my belly as well as a couple of slices of spreaded bread on the Thursday so that I don't feel so incredibly unwell as I did with the first one and having a small amount lining my stomach and a few cans of ginger beer and crystalised ginger, but that should keep me going for the week or 10 days that I was ill the second time around.

I'm gonna have a hot bubble bath after my lunch on Sunday and I'm not planning on doing much between finishing NaNo and my Covid jab other than celebrating, eating and drinking lol

Steve said that "this year seems to be significantly less stressful than previous years for some reason" and he's right... I've been able to knuckle down and write every day without jumping down his throat too much or getting stressed out about the writing itself, and that's significantly helped with getting it done and dusted so quickly too - 2.5 days sooner than I was thinking at the start and I've managed to write either 7k or 8k words every day instead of the 5k I was planning.  The less stressful the better for both of us I reckon.

Time to check my email and then take my pills and head to bed for an early night now I reckon and I'll be back down bright and early to write all day for the penultimate time this year.

I might try writing a different manuscript when I've finished my NaNo novel, so that I can stay in the writing headspace for as long as possible and make full use of my motivation.  I'm not even gonna think about that yet though, so that I don't get out of the heads of my MC for my NaNo novel.

Toodle-pip untill tomorrow evening!

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